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Atma Swabhiman was founded in the colonies by the leprosy affected. We have first-hand experience of the struggles and vulnerabilities of the affected and their families. We are also driven by the passion to extend to our community, the opportunities we have been fortunate to find.
Established in the year 2009 and registered under societies registration act 21, 1860., Atma Swabhiman has been dedicated to helping individuals and families to rise above the stigma associated with leprosy and to live healthy, productive lives.
We believe that building awareness and encouraging self-development is the path to positive change. Our objective is to provide education, health care and better economic opportunities while drawing on government entitlements. We also work towards establishing networks that drive policies and programmes that will in turn enable lives of dignity and inclusion for the affected.

Our Vision is to integrate people affected by leprosy into mainstream society, where they lead a life of dignity. To end the stigma and prejudice attached to leprosy and to help the affected by providing economic and social rehabilitation as well as education and employment support is Our Mission.

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We provide education, health care, livelihood opportunities leading to lives of dignity and inclusion for people and families affected by leprosy.