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Cinque Terre

1. Sujata

My name is ‘*Sujata’.I was born in an isolated leprosy colony called Nai Duniya Asha Vihar, located near a coal mining area in the outskirts of Dhanbad district of Jharkhand, India.

Cinque Terre

2. Sarothi Devi

My name is Sarothi Devi. I have been unlucky all my life and still waiting for the good days in my life. I was born around the 1980s, lost my parents at a very early age and developed leprosy symptoms and disability at the age of 9.

Cinque Terre

3. Dhiraju Singh

My name is Dhiraju Singh. At the age of 8, I was diagnosed with leprosy. My father took me to Nirmala Hospital, where I got treatment but due to delayed treatment developed visible deformities in my hand and feet and was never able to return to my native place.