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Atma Swabhiman, an organisation of, by and for the people affected by leprosy works to secure and rebuild lives of people affected by leprosy living in colonies. Our current projects include :

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1. COVID 19 Support with Sasakawa Health Foundation

Educational support through study materials, Livelihoos support was provided in Phase 1.
In Phase 2, along with continuation of Education and Livelihood support to many more individuals Community Kitchens at Asha vihar and Baniahir colony have been set up; 4 Bal Panchayats have been establised.

Cinque Terre

2. Educating Children In Leprosy Affected Communities

The activities include providing assistance to children to attend schools. Providing education equipment to the needy children and teachers for them. Depending on opportunity there are two approaches:
1) Attendance in local government schools;
2) Attendance in private schools.

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3.Water connection at Ballagudda Colony, Jharia with GOONJ

With support from Goonj, people started regular meetings in community places to find out problems and discuss solutions. The colony people came together to build a water connection which addressed the basic need of safe drinking water absent for many decades.

Cinque Terre

4. Community Support for development

Various activities are initiated with community involvement to support families and bring development into the colonies. These include:
1. Community Kitchen
2. Ongoing Medical care for people affected by leprosy
3. Dignity for work (DFW) Kit provided to 14 colonies for colony sanitization and cleaning projects
4. Bal Pachayat (Children's councils)