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Atma Swabhiman, an organisation of, by and for the people affected by leprosy works to secure and rebuild lives of people affected by leprosy living in colonies. Our current projects include :

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1. Bal Panchayats

Atma Swabhiman team has established Bal Panchayats providing financial assistance for education, study material and sports material at the colony level. Here we build child leaders, educate children about child rights, serve as a link to Child Welfare Committees and raise awareness of schemes like the Child helpline (1098). So far, Bal Panchayats have been established in four leprosy colonies and we are working to establish 20 Bal Panchayats in the next 3 years.

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2. Ulcer care

16 leprosy colonies receive medical care from our medical volunteers. Care and support includes provision of Ulcer Care Kits with training, cleaning and rebandaging wounds, infection prevention and more. Over 160 people receive care under this program

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3. Community Kitchen

This unique initiative is Women led, utilising community space, contributions of food grains and utensils to feed people in need with Dignity and Care. We have 3 community kitchens established that feed over 200 people at just 10 rupees per meal.

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4. Work for dignity

Through the support of Goonj, activities in multiple leprosy colonies encourage coming together to 'work and sustain' the community instead of receiving charity. Community members have joined hands to clean ponds and tanks, build Chabutaras, re-establish water connection among many other actions.