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Born in an isolated leprosy colony Nai Duniya Asha Vihar, located near a coal mining area in the outskirts of Dhanbad district of Jharkhand, India. Leprosy is still feared! People affected faces discrimination, self-stigma, segregation and isolation.

We the people living in leprosy colonies have our own world! Limited social interaction, fear of being notified or addressed as the resident of leprosy colony and left with no or limited opportunities in life.

As a child, I was unaware / no exposure about the difficulties of my parents / grandparents raising me and my younger sister with all odds in life. Not sure why, but my mother left us when I was only 9 year old. My father is an alcoholic and today it is very difficult to survive.

Fortunately, since childhood I have been very good in studies and qualified for the Navodya Vidalya (Prestigious government boarding school) soon after my mother left us. Since then I was studying and was taken care of by the school then received a scholarship for graduation. I am the only child who was selected for Navodya from all the leprosy colonies!

During my school and college days I always aspired to qualify Union Service Commission Exams(UPSC) and received moral support from my friends and teachers.

Life is not always good. After the completion of my graduation just before the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, I returned to my colony and struggled with poverty, basic girls' utilities, no means for study, so many problems… all surrounded me again. No support from father and younger sister is too vulnerable and only hope is my grandmother and uncle aunty who help us little bit. Can not expect much as they have their own children and they too have no regular source of income.

No money for even basic girls' needs - I tried to find some small jobs but faced harassment, exploitation and vulgar comments within and from my own people and society. I never dreamt of such a life

I cried and cried so many times. No hopes but trying to find some job for survival first!
Luckily, one fine day, to find a job only, my grandmother suggested and accompanied me to meet Sailendra uncle (one of the members of Atma Swabhiman), who also lives in our colony. With whom I shared my ordeal and requested him to find a job.

Within no time he called a few people to seek support and guidance not only for a job but for my better future. Finally connected me to a very kind, knowledgeable and generous person. Who spoke to me over the phone, did my counseling, assured me of all needed possible support and suggested that I should concentrate on my studies.

I also received a call from one highly educated girl from Andra Pradesh Leprosy colony who was at one point of time in similar such condition and received support and today happily married to a Doctor and living a good life. Her words were very kind to me and her doctor husband also talked to me and assured me of all the needed support.

Immediate arrangement / decision is taken to provide monthly honorarium / stipend to me in against of participating and volunteering in the Atma Swabhiman programs and activities including guiding others also as I am educated and have exposure.

I am happy that it's again a new start for me and finally my own people understood my situation and came forward to rescue me!

Once again determined and focused to restart my studies and work as a volunteer for my own people.